On the 30th of January 2023 I advised my readers that I was unwell. At the time it was not medically clear what the symptoms relating to my medical malady meant.

Fortunately my medical condition is now much clearer. It is life threatening. It is also possible that it might bring about my demise at short notice.

It is against this background, and with the support of a colleague I have set about re-adjusting my website. Numerous new posts have been added and some have been removed. Although my website is now dominated by information relating to cosmology I have attempted to make it as wide ranging and reader friendly as I can.

Because of the hurried manner in which my colleague and I have been amending my site it is possible that some posts have been duplicated. There might be other errors as well. If this is correct I apologise for this. We will continue to correct such anomalies as we find them.

I have re-written the welcome page. I believe that it is self explanatory. It is possible that one day one or more of my family members, or supporters, will continue to manage and adjust the website.

Thank you,


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