A quick look at our universe and what might be the natural order of things within it.

I mostly discuss this topic in relation to clock time and what the natural order of the universe might be in relationship to entropy physics theory

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All ‘things’ and associated events in the universe are subject to the process of change. Material things and events both change and decay. In both instances they change without time, because clocks change and decay too. * Thoughts, patterns of thoughts, intuition and alleged clairvoyance are everyday examples of phenomena without time. Protons in light have no rest energy (mass) and so they can also be seen to be without time (travel for ever) unless they somehow interact with ‘something’ along the way.

These words imply that all change and decay of things and events (all objects and associated influences and effects such as cutting and slicing an apple) in the universe are somehow related to some type of ‘hidden’ laws within it. By this I mean that the universe does have predictable ‘order’ within it and this is despite that all things and events are interacting with each other in ever-differing averages, densities and ratios with each other. This is in respect to not only each other but also the universe itself as a single reference frame. I suggest by this that the biggest objects (like Galaxies) and ‘bundles’ of various energy types in the universe seem to mostly get along quite well with the smallest objects in the universe such as quantum particles.

Because clocks are perpetually changing and decaying too this means that these differing averages, densities and ratios cannot be accurately observed or measured by an observer. This includes attempting to measure the speed of light with such clocks because of the process of change and decay with them as well. This is an implicit (mysterious) observable scientific paradox in science. This scientific paradox is further complicated (reduced to being chaotic) by the ever-changing condition of the universe wherein energy types and their associated, influences and effects are forever changing as well. It also should be kept in mind with these universal changes that observers similarly change and decay within the reference frame (system) of the universe too. These words then question as to how accurate can a changing and decaying observer, employing a changing and decaying clock accurately observe and measure changing and decaying things and events in the universe. I suggest that the best they can do so is to randomly do so as best they can.

I see this difficulty as being a significant failing in contemporary scientific research and discovery

In other words there appears to be no reliable mechanical mechanism that can indefinitely measure the process of decay and change of things and events in the universe unless the universe has a determinable (by clocks) some sort of end time. Unless scientists can determine a specific end time (a time reference frame) for the universe then this seems to raise a difficult question. which is:- what type of reference frame are all things and events in the universe changing and decaying in relationship to except to each other? You cannot successfully observe, analyze and count a two hundred-liter sealed barrel containing hundreds of different types and colors of small swimming fish let alone with no barrel at all.

Furthermore if a single proton is capable of traveling forever (unless it ‘hits’ something in its journey) then this suggests to me that the universe might simply be a without time, non-materialistic, nothing reference frame. In other words I am implying that nothing except perhaps an indeterminable (like the hidden rules of nature) stochastic** neural network type of ‘nothing’ reference frame that we could never observe and measure in the first place. This is although it might be mathematically demonstrated to be otherwise.

Could this nothing, however, be aware of itself as well as all things and events taking place within itself in this course of events in this process and does not need mechanical devices such as clocks in order to do so? I believe that this is the case.

*This notion of decay/change can be mathematically demonstrated by means of employing entropy theory in physics. Entropy theory in science explains Quote: “… the lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder…”) Source

** Quote: “…Having a random probability distribution or pattern that may be analyzed statistically but may not be predicted precisely…” (ex Wikipedia).

John Raymond
10th April 2019

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