Massive quantum mechanics experiment demonstrates that larger objects might be entangled with each other too

If this is the case it could help solve a long standing physics mystery.

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If the words in this presentation seem to you to have a degree of validity I introduce you to this David Bohm documentary trailer to the full Infinite Potential video. In doing this try to understand the philosophical commentary thereto rather than the physics debate therein. Some of the science is complicated and not designed to be fully understood by lay persons, including me.

What might be the untold story about the possible involvement of the US in respect to the Covid-19 debate?

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“Researchers took the spike protein from several recently discovered bat viruses and encoded them onto the “backbone” of another bat virus. They would then see if that new virus was able to infect mice modified to have the same cell receptor as humans.

The work was already public. But a research progress report released for the first time by The Intercept last week indicates there was some change in functionality of these manipulated bat viruses, though scientists disagree about the quality and significance of the data.

One chart in the report suggests these chimeric viruses were initially able to grow better in the humanized mice than the original virus they were built from. Another indicates one new virus caused the mice to have significant weight loss relative to the original.”

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