The words implicit and explicit seem to describe all that “IS”

Demonstrating that in my opinion the words explicit and implicit describe all that ‘IS’.

You will see from other posts that new physics experiments show us different ways in which to think about holistic reality and our relationship with it. This is more especially so with Bohm’s physics theories.

I originally wrote this story as a first draft. This was around six years ago. I never intended for it to be made public. Today, however, I am of the opinion that some ideas contained within it are worthy of wider consideration. This includes by laypersons of which I am a learner-member too. If I were to re write it I would assemble and describe its contents differently. This includes by me employing Bohm’s last Infinite Potential ideas. This is before before he died in 1992. These Infinite Potential considerations are also included in other posts through out my website.

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