A great story about Henry the VIII’s ship, the Mary Rose

This story is about a sophisticated scientific analysis carried out on the remains of this famous ship’s crew. The biographies of eight crew found among the remains of the Tudor warship Mary Rose have been revealed using the latest archaeological methods.  


If you would like to read the multi-isotope analysis of the crew members you can read it here.

If you know nothing about the Mary Rose this introduction might interest you.

This video is about the restoration process of the Mary Rose.

A survivor of the famous World War two German warship Bismarck tells us all [2]

The Bismarck was one of two of the largest and most powerful battleships that the Germans built. Its sister ship the Tirpitz and the Bismarck could have jointly determined the fate of the European theatre of World War two. The might have closed all sea lanes feeding the British war effort.

If you are a World War two military historian I feel that you could become engrossed by the contents of this linked article I have copied and pasted for your benefit. I have copied and pasted it this way in case the original story is removed from being online. I feel the story is far to valuable to do otherwise.

This article is an extract from a book written by the most senior survivor of the Bismarck Burkard Baron von Mullenheim-Rechberg. The author presets us with an intimate blow by blow account of the Bismarck’s encounter with the British navy far west of France in the Atlantic ocean on 27th May 1941 and its final demise.

If you do not know much about this significant event in World War two maritime history you may see these two additional links of some value too:

An enhanced background to the battle and its consequences

The British propaganda song “Sink the Bismarck”

What really happened when two sailors lost their lives on an Australian submarine on August 3rd 1987?

Introductory comment sourced from the Naval Historical Society of Australia:

“…Two crewmen from the Oberon class submarine HMAS OTAMA, (LCDR R. Taubman, RAN), lost their lives, in heavy seas off the east coast of Australia, when OTAMA dived while they were still on the submarines casing. The two men were Able Seaman Hugh Edward Markcrow, and Seaman Damien Humphries. Despite an intensive air and sea search, neither body was ever recovered. A Board of Inquiry into the incident revealed that the two men had gone back onto the casing to secure loose equipment, after having been already checked off as coming inside the submarine’s pressure hull. Their absence was then not noticed for some time…”


This quoted parliamentary inquiry might help you to make up your own mind whether something “sinister” happened or not.

Geo-political round up and akin

In this new blog I introduce you to important news stories that you may never have heard about or seriously considered before. You will notice that I put emphasis on subjects relating to international politics and the potential for war. This includes the politics behind the development of new highly destructive international weaponry. You will find a few of these links are a little dated but I do not feel that this is detracts from their potential reader interest. I intend to update this list from time to time.

Begin your reading experience here:

1] Does Australia need a nuclear arsenal? And what would be the cost?

2] Japan, India negotiating military logistics pact in tightening of ties Are Australia and The USA going to become part of this pact as well?

3] Trump is Forcing China to Reassess its Strategy

4] Trump spoils Xi’s Belt and Road Forum, without even attending

5] US Submarines to Field Hypersonic Weapons in 2025

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7] South China Sea: Deterring a Fait Accompli

8] In Korean War Commemoration, Xi Warns That China Will ‘Use War to Prevent War’

9] Your 5G Phone Won’t Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise

10] India’s First Indigenous Air-Launched Radar-Killing Missile Is Headed For Service

11] Blasting The Air In Front Of Hypersonic Vehicles With Lasers Could Unlock Unprecedented Speeds

12] The Real Strategic End Game in Decoupling From China

13] You Can’t Imagine World War III Between America and China

14] America’s Startling Short Range Air Defense Gap And How To Close It Fast

15] U.S. won’t ‘tiptoe’ around China with Asia stability at threat: defense chief

16] China and U.S. clash again on trade and regional security

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28] Sanctions: the new economic battlefield

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39] NATO needs to address China’s rise, says Stoltenberg

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41] Is America still the world’s only superpower or is China a real rival? Experts aren’t so sure any more

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