Is reality defined by what is missing from zero?

I suggest that zero is a multidimensional concept of explicit [temporal] and implicit [ontological] informational meaning

I believe that each of these meanings have values of some kind. These values “exist” in a concurrent relationship to each other and might be seen as being relational to ten dimensional string theory. These values are determinate and indeterminate. I suggest that there are finite and infinite values in these multidimensional “layers” of dimensional information. These layers are not necessarily limited to ten. Implicit values are not limited by nature, extent, determinable theory or fact. Explicit [temporal] values are. But what are these concurrent relational values related to? Is is something greater than nothing? If this is the case what can we make of this? Is it the property of mathematical i that is representative of zero [The zeroth dimension]? Are these the same concurrent values that influence and “set” the direction and purpose of our everyday lives? Do these values also contribute to our understanding of the meaning of our lives too?*

*If the words in this presentation seem to you to have a degree of validity I introduce you to this David Bohm documentary trailer to the full Infinite Potential video. In doing this try to understand the philosophical commentary thereto rather than the physics debate therein. Some of the science is complicated and not designed to be fully understood by lay persons, including me.