Welcome to my website

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you have an enjoyable, fun and perhaps interesting learning experience from it.

I dedicate my website to my late father Robert Hartley. Hartley was a rural raised person in South Australia. He was also a deep thinker. My late mother grew up within the world of arts and later in life was a devotee of transcendental meditation. My grandmother “momma” was an intelligent and loving person who was also interested in the realm of arts.

I have lived a full and interesting life. I have been involved with many things. These include industrial politics, merchandising retail products and owning and managing a building restoration business. These days I love writing about philosophy and conceptual cosmological science.

I am in my late 70s in age and I do not enjoy good health these days. I have two successful adult sons. Because I am technophobic, computers and I do not always get along well together. I have two friends that help me with my computer management and the editing of my writings. Not all of my posts are edited and checked. This means that you might find some faults in my efforts along the way.

As a concept scientist I love reading, learning and writing about cosmology. This is more particularly so with sub-quantum [non-local/metaphysical] science. When I write about cosmology I never seek to prove anything! Also when I publish my ideas I take the view that because I see my writing efforts as being educational I need not be too attuned to the question of plagiarism with my work. However, I always provide the source of my writing efforts so that you can more readily access the same information online as I have over the last decade or so. From this I feel that my ideas in science are being conveyed to you in a fair use manner.

I pay tribute to my family members who have been loyal supports to me over the years. I especially pay tribute to my helpers and advisers. I will continue to attempt to entertain and interest you as best as I can.

I trust that you have lots of fun as you peruse my posts. I invite your comments as you might see fit to pass them onto me.

On behalf of my Dad, the rest of my family, my helpers and myself – enjoy!


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