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I hope that you find my efforts to interest, entertain and please are worthy of your consideration.

I have dedicated my website to my late father, Robert Hartley. Hartley was a deep thinker and taught me many things about life. My late mother and grandmother were also deep thinkers. Both “girls” were pro-active in the realms of the arts and religious/spirituality and practice. If you elect to read my post entitled “In Search of the Infinite Potential” you will find that I generally follow in the footsteps of these two great persons in my life. I link most of my beliefs today to the great philosopher and physicist David Bohm.

In these latter days of my life I refer to myself as being a divergence theorist. This means me being a person who cares to “peek” beyond the temporal realms of our existence and interpersonal relationships. This includes with nature, its “rules” and what might be wider “reality”. This post is a reflection of my position.

Currently I am not a well person. It is possible that the additions and adjustments to my website at this time might be the last I make. My medical condition is serious. I also suffer from a post operative neurological condition, and I am technophobic. I apologise if you find errors of any kind in my posts. Sometimes I ignore written conventions and website construction protocols. Some of my readers may be upset or offended by this. If they do I apologise. These days my short term memory is beginning to fail as well.

It is with great thanks that I acknowledge the loyalty that many of my readers have given me over the last decade. This includes them attending my periodical workshops and lectures. I also pay tribute to my family members, co-contributors and supporters over the years.

In more recent times I sincerely thank Paul! Paul has been as a great leaning post, helper and mentor to me. This is especially so in respect to my unsettling and troubling times right now.

If you care to learn and understand more about the contents of my “In Search of the Infinite Potential” post you are welcome to email me. By default this includes my close readers and supporters. The email address is: our-outreach@bigpond.com. One way or another we will try to meaningfully respond to any of your requests. This is for additional information, guidance or the obtaining of reference material.

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