The Connection Between Child Abuse and Bipolar Disorder

There has been discussion in the media about child sex abuse. Once upon a time child abuse both at home and at schools was common. To a lesser degree this type of abuse is still occurring but is probably happening more so in private settings.

Recent research is beginning to demonstrate there is a close link between child abuse and bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is serious. Bipolar derivative from child abuse is shown to be associated with lifetime substance abuse, the onset of early illness in life and long term notions of individuals thinking about committing suicide. Some do. In one study about half of bipolar sufferers diagnosed suffered severe stress and anxiety when they were children. From my research into my mild bipolar disorder I have learned many general practitioners are not aware of this connection. I have raised this issue in my post because I feel it is in the public interest to do so. There is a wealth of material online should readers elect to investigate this matter further. I acknowledge that the link below is well outdated.

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