A quick step into the WIFI/5G debate

In mid 2018 I began to take an interest in the WIFI/5G debate. This is more especially so in relationship to mobile phones. I have never been interested [or competent] to talk to the technical issues pertinent to the debate. I have only ever been interested in the politics surrounding the issues involved. This is principally in Australia and the European Union.

Over time I have written a number of articles about my research efforts and conclusions. I have been widely criticised in the process. This includes by members of the medical profession. Such critics refuse to accept that my motivation to conduct research is political rather than technical! Out of frustration I ceased to attempt to explain my position. In despair I trashed many of the items that I wrote back then.

For reasons discussed in the apology I have elected to post the first paper that I wrote in late 2018. You will find it in the attachment. It is not a scholarly piece of work. Not all the links remain active. It was never intended to be published as it is today.

In my opinion the safety or otherwise of non-ionising radiation [in the radio frequencies used in 5G, wifi and similar technologies] is almost solely centred upon this subject of thermal and non-thermal effects [if non-thermal effects exist] of such radiation.

I pose the question why it is that the relevant industry regulators and manufacturers seem so determined to set aside this important question within the industry.

With these words in mind I suggest that you read my post. I also suggest that you consider the following quotation as well as this medical reference. This link might be of interest too. This link is about Understanding 5G as it will soon relate to the same topic in our lives.


“…National Library of Medicine [USA government]…”


The introduction of the fifth generation (5G) of wireless communication will increase the number of high-frequency-powered base stations and other devices. The question is if such higher frequencies (in this review, 6–100 GHz, millimeter waves, MMW) can have a health impact. This review analyzed 94 relevant publications performing in vivo or in vitro investigations. Each study was characterized for: study type (in vivo, in vitro), biological material (species, cell type, etc.), biological endpoint, exposure (frequency, exposure duration, power density), results, and certain quality criteria. Eighty percent of the in vivo studies showed responses to exposure, while 58% of the in vitro studies demonstrated effects. The responses affected all biological endpoints studied. There was no consistent relationship between power density, exposure duration, or frequency, and exposure effects. The available studies do not provide adequate and sufficient information for a meaningful safety assessment, or for the question about non-thermal effects. There is a need for research regarding local heat developments on small surfaces, e.g., skin or the eye, and on any environmental impact. Our quality analysis shows that for future studies to be useful for safety assessment, design and implementation need to be significantly improved.”

I emboldened the above text


I care to say no more. My words today should be read in context with this latest Reuters report. There seems to be growing international interest with the allegations being made by Reuters.

I hope that I have sown a seed or two for you to consider and perhaps run with. You may also find the information contained within this 2018 document of interest. I wrote it. Although dated I believe much of the contents therein remains at least partly relevant. I have also attached a much longer document that I wrote around the same time. It has never been published. It lacks refinements. I never saw it as having been completed and for wellness reasons I now know it will probably never be completed. It seems that most of the hyperlinks are working. You may find that the information therein enhances other items that I have invited you to consider today.

The hidden nature of divergence information

I believe that divergence information is speculative, creative and often contentious. I believe that when considering this or that hypothesis that there should always be room to speculatively meld divergence information and convergence points of view. This is along the lines that follow:


“Every creative endeavour begins with an act of divergence. This early stage is divergent – it is about expanding the range of possibilities you’re open to, considering as many options as possible, exposing yourself to new ideas, and exploring potential pathways without committing to any single one.”

From a science perspective I urge you to consider viewing these two videos: Item 1 and Item 2.

I believe that all of our lives are swimming in hidden information. Hidden information also has its own hidden rules. These rules include us. Item 3 and Item 4 seem to confirm this.

Some individuals like professional artists and athletes are by nature more divergent thinkers and do-ers than most other members of the public. Persons who have suffered brain injuries in their lives fall into this category. This is suggested in Item 5 and Item 6.

I refer to myself as [with a left temporal lobe brain injury] a divergence theorist. This is why I enjoy sharing many of my ideas and views about life. This includes what the meaning of life might be in relationship to the Infinite Potential.

Convergence information in nature (science) is described in my post About ontological entanglement of all “things”.

About ontological entanglement of all “things”

In physics quantum entanglement [ontological] suggests that phenomena are somehow connected to each other, and furthermore influence each other in multiple ways.

My purpose in writing this post is to attempt to more clearly identify and describe what quantum entanglement may be. In order to help kick start the following informational references I urge you to view this video link. You will see how the presenter is arguing that one object [like a bar of steel] can be two places at one. This is via ontological [quantum] entanglement theory.

1] Wikipedia definition

2] An animated video explanation of quantum entanglement

3] Physics experiment demonstrates that entanglement a is valid hypothesis

4] My conceptual views about ontological [quantum] non-locality are as follows:

Ontological entanglement implies that information between particles [things] is “hidden-information”. This also means that communication between things causes observations of one thing to be correlated with observations of the other [as per the video link above].

Such correlations have been predicted and observed for many years, but it has been difficult to determine if the correlations were caused by information being shared such as through gravity.

Entanglement [in physics known as non-locality] implies the existence of direct connections between one point in space [thing] and another without going through intervening points. Such direct connections mean that communication between points in space occur faster than the speed of light. This means [without time] instantly.

As I suggested above there can be different manifestations of non-locality. One of these is Newton’s force of gravity is theoretically non-local because in theory it propagates at infinite speed.

Why the understanding of reality should include indivisible information

I believe that if we are to ever fully understand reality then we must also incorporate unknowable [indivisible] information

My regular readers know that I believe all phenomena, including thought construction are both implicit and explicit. My word implicit means information that we all know is real [such as consciousness] but which at the same time it cannot be tested. This is the reason why I have classified metaphysical phenomena such as consciousness as being indivisible information. We can describe indivisible information like consciousness, but physics science generally cannot incorporate consciousness in its modelling. This is because consciousness cannot be defined or measured. I think this is a shame because this means that science models do not seriously incorporate our whole of life experiences, which also means reality.

I recently read an article written by George F. R. Ellis, who talks about this same dilemma in science and I feel you should be aware of Ellis’s ideas as I strongly identify with them. Below you will find the conclusions of Ellis’s essay entitled “On the Nature of Emergent Reality”. I have emboldened sections of the conclusion from the document that I feel  are most pertinent to my argument and you might like to know about them as well. If you have the opportunity to read much of Ellis’s ideas about reality I think that you will feel richly rewarded.



Reprise: I have given above a view of emergent complex systems where there are structuring relations, triggering relations as well as environmental influences and internal variables, summarised in Figure 9.

Figure 9: The system and its situation: contextual and triggering influences

Ellis daigram 2nov17

Function takes place in the context of a social and physical situation that, together with the values of internal variables, is the current operating environment. Structure is constant on the relevant timescale, enabling the input (triggering events that operate in the given situation – they are varying causal quantities) to have a predictable result. Thus function follows structure. The environment sets the boundary conditions and the internal variables (memory and learnt behaviour patterns) result from past experience. Noise or chance represents the effects of detailed features that we do not know because they are subsumed in the coarse graining leading to higher level descriptions of either the system or the environment. The system structure is determined by developmental processes that use genetic information, read in the context of the system-environment interaction occurring in the organism’s history,  to determine its structure. For example, genes develop a brain capacity to learn language that then results in adaptation of the brain to that specific language. The genetic heritage leading to this result is comes into being through evolutionary adaptation over very long timescales to the past environment. This language then forms the basis of complex symbolic modelling and associated understanding, taking place in a social context,  that guides future actions. Thus human understanding of events and their meanings govern their actions, which then change the situation around them. Symbolic systems are causally effective.

Strong reductionist claims, usually characterised by the phrase `nothing but’ and focusing only on physical existence, simply do not take into account the depth of causation in the real world as indicated above, and the inability of physics on its own to comprehend these interactions and effects.  These claims represent a typical fundamentalist position, claiming a partial truth (based on some subset of causation) to be the whole truth and ignoring the overall rich causal matrix while usually focusing on purely physical elements of causation. They do not and cannot be an adequate basis of explanation or understanding in the real world. Consequently they do not represent an adequate basis for making ontological claims.

This paper has outlined a view of emergent reality in which it is clear that non-physical quantities such as information and goals can have physical effect in the world of particles and forces, and hence must be recognised as having a real existence (Ellis 2003). Associated with this there is a richer ontology than simple physicalism, which omits important causal agencies from its vision. That view does not deal adequately with the real world…”

The original Ellis document online

I have also attached a pdf document to this blog for your added convenience

The importance of the Lockwood memoirs in respect to understanding Australian Labor Party [ALP] politics

Gary Lockwood’s political memoirs offer deep insight into the “raw” nature of the Australian Labor Party “machine” at probably a deeper and more revealing level than any other political historian ever has.

Gary became a member of the Shop Assistants Union at the age of 15 in early 1950’s. From those early days in his political life he has been both a witness and a player in some of the greatest upheavals and changes in Australian Labor party history. This is more so in respect to South Australian ALP politics.

I believe that you will find Mr. Lockwood’s 2011 speech to be both historically fascinating and politically compelling.

Speech to Flory Sub Branch in 2011