What is nonlocality and how might it relate to our daily lives?

Nonlocality describes the apparent ability of objects to instantaneously know about each other’s state, even when separated by large distances (potentially even billions of light years), almost as if the universe at large instantaneously arranges its particles in anticipation of future events.*

* I conceptually suggest temporal ‘things’ like within a without time ‘universal-environment’. This is where the past, the present and the future are the same (exist simultaneously). This is as Einstein postulated in his later life. It might be said that the universe is not only aware of itself but also of all things going on within it. I also suggest that we have both a temporal consciousness that relates to space and time, as well as an ontological consciousness (or ‘awareness’) that is not related to space and time. This link demonstrates how this might be the case. Does this evidence of how we are intimately ‘connected’ to the universe as well as our connection with it last for as long as the universe (at least ontologically) exists?

Non locality (also known in physics as entanglement theory) is an operative effect (influence) that can be demonstrated within our mind and brain nexus. This theory is professionally discussed in this video presentation. Nonlocality has been regularly demonstrated by experiment in the physics community. I suggest that this is an internationally respected source.

October 25th 2021