The hidden nature of divergence information

I believe that divergence information is speculative, creative and often contentious. I believe that when considering this or that hypothesis that there should always be room to speculatively meld divergence information and convergence points of view. This is along the lines that follow:


“Every creative endeavour begins with an act of divergence. This early stage is divergent – it is about expanding the range of possibilities you’re open to, considering as many options as possible, exposing yourself to new ideas, and exploring potential pathways without committing to any single one.”

From a science perspective I urge you to consider viewing these two videos: Item 1 and Item 2.

I believe that all of our lives are swimming in hidden information. Hidden information also has its own hidden rules. These rules include us. Item 3 and Item 4 seem to confirm this.

Some individuals like professional artists and athletes are by nature more divergent thinkers and do-ers than most other members of the public. Persons who have suffered brain injuries in their lives fall into this category. This is suggested in Item 5 and Item 6.

I refer to myself as [with a left temporal lobe brain injury] a divergence theorist. This is why I enjoy sharing many of my ideas and views about life. This includes what the meaning of life might be in relationship to the Infinite Potential.

Convergence information in nature (science) is described in my post About ontological entanglement of all “things”.

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