Do these words provide a pointer to the end of the accessible universe?

A quotation from a paper that I hope to complete and post in the near future

[It is important that you treat this blog as being a line of conceptual science thinking]


“Light is a collection of photons. Like nature, light is a condition of the universe that is a given. Its property of speed is an effect of this. The radiation influences of light particles are thought by some physicists to travel at least 10,000 times the speed of light this entangled relationship. Stochastic gravity waves bend space as it moves around large objects. Light and stochastic radiation react to objects in similar ways and thus distort the fabric of space and time as I mentioned earlier. It is these types of measurable variations in turbulent space that has led to quantum probability theory which is a reflection of space’s unpredictability and subsequent difficulty to observe and measure.

I suggest that it is Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) waves and gravity waves entangled with dark matter that emanated from foundational light from the Big Bang that caused random independent implicit events and influences, which in turn created these waves and hence massless particles that include dark massless photons in the process. Stochastic gravitational waves are different from the CMB gravitational waves in the sense that they do not include the hidden nature (hidden variables) of CMB waves. Stochastic gravitational waves relate to waves pertinent to large numbers of explicit events in the universe coming together (like colliding planets) to create another type of universal cosmic gravitational background that does not encompass radiation. This means that there are two different gravitational influences and effects in the universe that are conjunctionally entangled with each other.

I suggest that the CMB gravitational waves are travelling at the rate of the expansion of the universe relative to the Earth. This is measured at 68kp/s per megaparsec (68kp/s per 3.3 million light years) whereas the stochastic waves are travelling at 500 kp/s around large objects. In relation to the above figures of 68kp/s per megaparsec (68kp/s per 3.3 million light years), thus 14,548,729,411.7 light years away is where the 68kp/s per 3.3 million light years matches the speed of light.

The maths we used to calculate our result:

((299,792kp/s {the speed of light} / 68kp/s {expansion rate at 3.3 million light years}) x 3,300,000 light years = 14,548,729,411.7). Thus 14,548,729,411.7 light years away is where the expansion rate of 68kp/s every 3.3 million light years adds up to 299,792kp/s – the speed of light. (Adding 68kp/s to 68kp/s to 68kp/s and so on until we reach a figure of about 299,792kp/s).

Anything beyond 14,548,729,411.7 light years away is travelling away from our Earth at beyond the speed of light, and thus would be “inaccessible” and “unknowable” to us. To us this could be entitled the “edge” of the universe. This edge is scientifically entitled the Hubble Sphere and we are saying that the Hubble Sphere is the edge of the universe, and it is not static.

This is not to be confused with the edge of that observable universe. Light from further away than what was mentioned above can reach us because it was created when the universe was much younger and the galaxies were much closer together.

This means that both of these universal gravitational waves and foundational light are the combined natural backdrop (continuum) of the universe, and are in turn related to dark matter and dark energy that I did not accurately describe in section C. I suggest that it follows from this that CMB gravitation and foundational light caused the formation of fundamental and massless cosmic particles like preons, gluons and quarks. Later in relative space-time, they provided the implicit and explicit entangled cosmological conditions and associated energy types needed for the formation of dark photon particles, and later, photons that we now know as being light particles. When I say implicit conditions and associated energy I also mean they cause the properties that properties have and subsequently ‘behave’ in the manner that they do. This process was accelerated by electric fields travelling through space entangled with CMB gravitational waves, foundational light and the properties of light that later evolved into the properties of the force of electromagnetism.”

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