Seven keys that might be useful for you to better understand all that “IS”

I argue that the universe is one of a dynamic relationship between all that is ontological and temporal. I have nominated ontological as being all that is “implicit” in the universe and all that is temporal as being “explicit”. Physicists have long realised that this relationship is “weird”. In my opinion the seven following keys [tools] provide conceptual embryonic insight as to how complex an observer might observe the inner workings of the universe. This is if they are able to observe from the “cosmological-region” of whatever existed prior to the Big Bang. I broadly introduce these keys as follows. More detailed physics theory quotations pertinent to these short opening insights follow in the same order immediately thereafter.

The keys:

A. The act of looking at something somehow changes what it was before you looked at it.

B. How is it that all things have some sort of hidden physical meaning, and perhaps influence other things such as consciousness.

C. It is possible for one thing to be two things at the same time.

D. There are hidden things and potential events ‘sitting somewhere’ waiting to do something in response to something else.

E. There is always a degree of guesswork involved in measuring anything in physics.

F. Given the right circumstances and conditions, ‘things’ can tunnel through solid objects leaving no apparent clue as to how this might have come about.

G. All things and events in the universe are somehow entangled with each other so that they can also share information between themselves, via influences and other causal tendencies to do something, such as when individuals are thinking in between talking.

The widely accepted physics theories that seem to support these seven concepts.

1. Quantum superposition theory

Quantum superposition theory is a principle of quantum mechanics that says that all things (like particles) exist in two states. One state is before they are observed and the other is after they have been observed. The act of observation ‘changes’ things from what they were before.

2. Hidden variables

Hidden variables relate to things that are as yet unknown or unknowable to physics. These include how it is that particles have implicit properties, and the causal implicit properties of consciousness [in other documents I mostly say awareness] at the same time.

3. Indeterminate state

An indeterminate state is something like a photon particle having the properties of being an indeterminate implicit [ontological] wave-like state and an explicit temporal particle state at the same time.

4. Virtual particles

A virtual particle is a particle that could be analogically invisibly ‘seated’ within the fibres of a piece of cloth. This is a piece of cloth that an observer might observe with a needle with cotton in its eye stitching backwards and forwards on either side of the cloth. This means that virtual particles can “mediate” processes between particles as they move from, say, an explicit chemical state to an implicit non- chemical state of some kind. This might include a different type of non-detectable energy or influence. In respect to these words also note the following link and its contents…


“…Quantum theory predicts that every particle spends some time as a combination of other particles in all possible ways…”

5. Quantum uncertainty principle

Quantum uncertainty in physics means that there is a limit to what can be known about the smallest scales in nature. This means that the best that science can do is to calculate the probabilities as to where things are and how they might behave. In an everyday sense this means that scientists have difficulties in accurately measuring things in space because space is so turbulent. This also means that there is a degree of guesswork involved in being precise in predicting whether a thing, event or process is going to move or change this or that way, or not.

6 Quantum tunnelling

The quantum tunnelling effect is a quantum phenomenon which occurs when particles move through a barrier that, according to the theories of classical physics, should be impossible to move through.

7. Quantum non-local (entanglement) theory demonstrates the indeterminate commonly linked state of all that “IS”. This is an animated version and this is a professional physics version, describing what entanglement is.

I hope that this seven point information might be helpful in you better understanding some of the mysterious happenings in the wider world around us. This might include you and me.

If you feel confused and perplexed by such scientific jargon don’t worry! This is what the physicist Richard Feynman said about this type of complex physics. The quote is linked to a statement that he made to students before one of his lectures.


“…Will you understand what I’m going to tell you?… No, you’re not going to be able to understand it-You see, my physics students don’t understand it either. That is because I don’t understand it. Nobody does.”

Understanding how ‘things’ might work

I recently wrote this item for the benefit of my sixteen year old grandson. I wrote it to encourage him to be not afraid to think about what the “big picture” might be in the wider universe around us. I have made no serious attempt to prove anything and kept the references to a minimum.


“All ‘things’ are somehow related to quantum fields (fields)*. There are relative (temporal) and non- relative (ontological) fields and both can be seen as influences relating to some sort of universal ‘whole’. Whereas temporal fields relate to observable and measurable ‘things’ and events related thereto, this is not the case with ontological fields that include intuition and awareness. This means that there are two different types of causation with respect to the workings of the ‘whole’.

There are givens (meaning simply how things are) in the universe. These include gravitation of at least two different types, that relate to either the effects of the Big Bang or to the rules of nature, such as those between objects such as galaxies and other types of universal systems. These might also include other universes and dimensions. Light, electricity, magnetism and the hidden laws of random and geometric nature are also givens. All of these givens have effects of some kind on each other.

They, and their inherent individual properties seem to be influenced and ‘carried’ by a ‘hidden’ (in physics called hidden variables)** ontological neural network. One example of a property is speed as it relates to light, and another is electrical charge as it relates to the properties of the electrons and photons in atoms. Science does not know how it is that particles (like gluons and quarks that ‘hold’ the universe together) have the mysterious ontological properties that they do, nor for what reason they act in manner that they do.

Temporal objects and their relationship to other temporal objects are related to clocks and/or the speed of light as per the rules of relativity physics, that is, between smaller or larger objects. Motion of objects is also temporal. The effects (influences between objects not touching each other) of these diverse temporal relationships can be linked to standard causation scientific theory.

They are knowable, observable and measurable. On the other hand, ontological effects between objects are knowable and can be experientially detected (like psychokinesis and telepathy), but they cannot be observed and measured in accordance with the normal rules of physics. Both of these ‘types’ of temporal and ontological effects are relational to a separate holistic ontological field that is related to the external ‘perimeter’ of an ever expanding universe (as it relates to the speed of light).

This three-way concurrent relationship can be seen as being in different temporal and ontological ‘averages, densities and ratios’ with each other. All fields can be seen as containing patterns of information that mean something. These concurrent relationships between each of these three ‘fields’ is in turn related to the ontological sub-quantum rules of quantum mechanics. This is a field of indeterminate randomness. The rules of temporal relativity physics is determinate. It is the indeterminate effects of the universal ontological whole that are causal to the wider universe as being random. This theory can also be applied to the ontological and temporal human condition as well as its ‘connection’ with the wider field of nature.

All things and events operate within their own temporal or ontological field reference frames. These reference frames might be seen as being like continuums that exist in a parallel concurrent relationship with each other until the speed of the expanding universe exceeds that of the speed of light. It is this ontological relationship that gives ‘meaning and purpose’ to universal reality. This is through continuously changing morphic resonance and fields (ontological sub-quantum telepathy-like influences between organisms that is the cause of the formation of matter as discussed in item two).

We, as ‘complete’ persons, together with our thoughts, decisions and behaviour are representations of this universal process, the oneness of the universe.

There are seven demonstrable and describable ontological (sub-quantum) keys that help to explain this dual relationship as well as how it might work in the manner that it does (they are too complicated to include in this type of document. If you are interested in them please mail me and I will send you a copy. One of them is non local entanglement theory as demonstrated in the cited animated video).

If you are confused about this type of complex quantum field physics debate the following quote is linked to a statement that the late distinguished physics Richard Feynman made to students before one of his lectures.

Quote:”…Will you understand what I’m going to tell you?… No, you’re not going to be able to understand it-You see, my physics students don’t understand it either. That is because I don’t understand it. Nobody does.”

As a concept scientist I fall into this bracket too.

“…Reality is fundamentally different from our classical picture of a smooth, continuous, well-defined Universe. Although it’s true that these quantum fields began as a mathematical construct, they describe our physical, observable reality more accurately than any other theory we’ve concocted…”

** An example of a hidden variable is…


“Consider elementary school students’ shoe sizes and scores on a standard reading exam. They are correlated, but assert that larger shoe size causes higher reading scores is as ridiculous as saying that high reading scores cause larger shoe size. In this example, there is a clear hidden variable, namely, age”

I suspect that the distinguished physicist Dr Adam Becker might also be echoing some of these points in his 2018 Harvard University lecture as well.

Later amendments and corrections are envisaged.

14th February 2021

Understanding how things might work[ v3/whohit]

A simple metaphor to encourage you to think about life

I wrote this metaphor  twenty five years ago. I see its as being representative of not only how I thought about life and its meaning then but it largely remains so to this day as well.


“One cabin boy speaks.

Life can be likened to being on board a very large majestic cruise liner. Pleasures abound everywhere if they are sought, as are angst’s if rendered the scope to to similarly intrude. Immaturity, passion, neglect, perpetual searching for excitement and adventure, and others – all ensure this.

So complete freedom to access the ship with its multitudinous dark mysterious corridors is ours; as is our ability to assess the nobility, or otherwise, of all fellow travellers and other life creatures. Within this apparent limitless opportunity, however, there is but two seemingly non-negotiable exclusions.

Both the engine room and wheel house controlling rudder functions are, by architectural design, well out of bounds to all except a ruthlessly persistent, select few. Even they cannot unduly influence the massive machines of propulsion and control. Powerful motors and unseen systems keep whirling away. The guiding hand of the chief engineer and originating architect are nowhere to be found. The cruise carries on even when we are long beyond mere remnant remains.”

John R