Is there a relationship between Gnosis and Science?

Two eminent physicists seem to think that there is

My favorite physicist is David Bohm . My implicit/explicit beliefs (model) are closely aligned to the Hiley-Bohm implicate/explicate physics model. Both models have common features.

These features include there being a curtain-like backdrop to reality in each. I refer to this analogical curtain as being primordial awareness. I believe that there is a strong relationship between Bohm’s concept of  Gnosis  and science. The attached a PDF file to this blog is entitled “The Cosmic Plenum: Bohm’s Gnosis: The Implicate Order”. You will notice that throughout this file that I have emboldened different sections of text. I strongly urge you to read the emboldened areas. This is because they all have relevance to the wider meaning of both cosmological reality and life.

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