About ontological entanglement of all “things”

In physics quantum entanglement [ontological] suggests that phenomena are somehow connected to each other, and furthermore influence each other in multiple ways.

My purpose in writing this post is to attempt to more clearly identify and describe what quantum entanglement may be. In order to help kick start the following informational references I urge you to view this video link. You will see how the presenter is arguing that one object [like a bar of steel] can be two places at one. This is via ontological [quantum] entanglement theory.

1] Wikipedia definition

2] An animated video explanation of quantum entanglement

3] Physics experiment demonstrates that entanglement a is valid hypothesis

4] My conceptual views about ontological [quantum] non-locality are as follows:

Ontological entanglement implies that information between particles [things] is “hidden-information”. This also means that communication between things causes observations of one thing to be correlated with observations of the other [as per the video link above].

Such correlations have been predicted and observed for many years, but it has been difficult to determine if the correlations were caused by information being shared such as through gravity.

Entanglement [in physics known as non-locality] implies the existence of direct connections between one point in space [thing] and another without going through intervening points. Such direct connections mean that communication between points in space occur faster than the speed of light. This means [without time] instantly.

As I suggested above there can be different manifestations of non-locality. One of these is Newton’s force of gravity is theoretically non-local because in theory it propagates at infinite speed.

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