Egg matters from an observer’s point of view

Different ways of thinking about ourselves and the inner selves of others

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The egg diagram is an illustrative metaphor relating to how we may better understand the informational relationship we have with ourselves and each other. This includes our relationship with all “things” and events, influences, and effects occurring outside our symbolic egg shell. This includes unknowable influences and effects from the wider universe that scientists are yet to discover.

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By employing this type of symbolism I have shown how different observers [people] may observe us in relation to our symbolic shell, white and yolk in the diagram. For example: Observer number four observes the egg as being like a cold lifeless [mechanical] entity only. This observer makes assumptions or arbitrary guesses as to the workings of the complete system and processes of the observed person within such as shell.

However, in contrast to this example, observer number one only observes the highest and most favourable qualities relating to the person being observed, as they observe the implicit nature of the egg yolk. He/she observes beyond the shell to the inner components of the egg that are its white and yolk. Observer number four does not do this.

Observer number two would only observe the rational and logical things about a person [their explicit selves] as being significant and of interest, and takes no notice of their implicit yolk.

Observer number three observes all things with respect to the egg [the person]. This observer sees the outside “skin” of the shell, the shell structure itself, the under layer of the shell [like a film surface] and the white and yolk of the egg simultaneously. In other words observer number three observes the complete person in every respect.

Is this a sound manner in which to understand the mind and brain nexus?

I look at the four descriptive zones that broadly constitute the human mind and brain nexus. This is in relationship to our informational decision making processes.

This blog is in two sections. Section one that follows depicts the illustrative processes pertinent to the systematisation of random ontological information. This is information into packets and patterns of mechanical [logical] information. This system-process is the means by which decisions and types of decisions are made. Section two, immediately thereafter, provides elementary information as to how the system works as an integrated process.*

Notes with respect to the workings and meaning of the “Four Dimensional Mind-Brain Operating Function”

A. What the illustrative process seeks to do is:-

1. Bring together the four descriptive ‘zones’ that largely constitute the human mind and brain nexus and how they might connect with each other with respect to our normal daily lives. These four zones are the Logical, Analytical, Fact Based Quantitive Zone (top left), The Organised Sequential Planned Detail Zone (bottom left), the Holistic Intuitive Integration Synthesising zone (top right) and the Interpersonal Feelings Based Kinestetic Emotional Zone (bottom right). All of these zones are packets of information that are interconnected as though they are somehow attached to a stochastic neural network (NN). This is akin to the human mind-brain operational nexus system (process).

2. Broadly demonstrate how the NN and process system works and how it might be a useful tool in the understanding of how human thought construction might take place in the manner that it does. This includes human behaviour types that may emanate therefrom.

B. How the NN and Process system works:-

1. The square box represents the complete system. The system is informational, indicative and fluid. It is a system that works by means of the process of collating, integrating and assimilating information on behalf of its owner with respect to their condition, activities and aspirations at any given time or location in their lives including when they are sleeping.

The upper left A, lower left B, Lower right C and upper right D represent the inherent learned knowledge and experiential experiences of the system as has been and is lived by its owner. This includes ontologically. One may assume from this that the Cerebral Mode Thinking Processes, Right Mode Thinking Processes , Limbic Mind Thinking Processess and Left Mode Thinking Processes are potential mind-brain informational tendencies and influences on standby, to be ‘absorbed’ by the informational system as shown in the illustration. This is information that might be useful for its owner in deciding to do this or that at any given time with respect to his/her hopes, expectations and desires in life.

The outer circle represents the symbolic separation of these described tendencies and influences. These tendencies and influences are like short-lived informational fluctuations within the system that are waiting to be called upon by the wider system to do something on behalf of its owner. All decisions to do something by the NN system process can be seen as being packages of diversified information of subtle tendencies and influences (these tendencies and influences can also be seen as either energy or potential energy).

The lower dotted line under the circle represents the presence of the human mind (M) within the NN system. The M draws upon the random information between itself and the subtle tendencies and influences of the wider NN system as described beyond the outer line. The mind then packages them into bundles of patterns of information that might be useful for the benefit of its owner. These respective bundles might also be seen as packages and patterns of information on standby to do something. They also contain ontological information that might include any hidden hopes, dreams and desires its owner might have.

Below this dotted line are the four zones as described in section A. All of these have separate informational tendencies or influences to think and behave in some way that can be brought to bear on behalf of its owner. All of these four informational tendencies and influences are broadly scattered across the whole of the NN process. They exist as small informational nodes that can collectively bundle themselves into patterns of information (something meaningful and specific) on behalf of their owner. This can also mean collectively potentially waiting to do something on behalf of their owner. Patterns of tendencies and influences are stronger and more meaningful than single informational nodes ( a single node might be an idea whereas a pattern of nodes is more likely to be a collection of ideas).

The closed circle of the illustration is divided into four equal zones across the horizontal and vertical plane. You will notice that the Holistic Intuitive Integrating Synthesising zone and the Interpersonal Feeling Kinesthetic Emotional zones are jointly adjacent to the Right Mode Thinking Processes tendencies and influences on the right perimeter of the square.

From this example you might see how the influences and tendencies relating to the other two zones, from an anti-clockwise perspective, align themselves with the Left Mode Thinking Processes and the Cerebral Mode Thinking Processes respectively.

By considering the alignment of each of these four zone quantities (blocks of specific NN influences and tendencies) with each of their adjacent modes of thinking processes you will probably notice how the whole of the NN processes (also embracing M) provide a descriptive snapshot of the wider system. It also appears to show how and why the Four Dimensional Brain-Mind Operating Function seems to provide sound insight into the wider human NN condition.**

**If the words in this presentation seem to you to have a degree of validity I introduce you to this David Bohm documentary trailer to the full Infinite Potential video. In doing this try to understand the philosophical commentary thereto rather than the physics debate therein. Some of the science is complicated and not designed to be fully understood by lay persons, including me.

C. How decisions are made to do something:-

This is the operational (mechanical) aspect of the hypothesis. Upper left section A and lower left section B should be considered as being mechanically static. The moving part of the NN process system is represented by the three-pointed star depicted in the illustration. You will note how I have separated it from the mind area of the nexus (system and process). This is because at this point the M only contains random information that has no specific (without time) meaning. This three pointed star ‘plucks’ loose information from M. It is also representative of the workings of the human brain (not the brain itself) that is perpetually operating within the wider NN process system.

The star is attached to an axle as illustrated in the diagram. In this sense, the axle is the heart of the human brain setup. Subtle informational fluctuations exist within and between the four zones areas that send and receive tendency and influence impulses from one or more of the zones. This could significantly include them all if any given set of adverse circumstances that its owner is experiencing deems this as being instinctively necessary. This includes the degree of power of these tendencies and influences as well. For example if its owner’s life or family were being threatened that severely agitated the NN system process somehow. The brain (the axle) has three primary tendency and influence impulses. These are the reptilian impulse (the dominant implicit impulse of the system), the Neocortex and the Limbic impulses.

The star is not rigid, but is subtly, and sometimes violently, swaying and flexing back and forth throughout the four-zone NN process system. However, this is not in the mind zone, which remains mechanically static at all times. This movement relates to the hopes, desires and expectations, (whether emotionally ontological or not) of its owner at any given time or circumstance. It is the primary tendencies and influences of the human brain that always move and process packages and patterns of raw information from within the system, including M. This collated information is to address the expectations of its owner. This includes to merely think about something in some type of way or another.

I briefly summarise the key contents of this document as follows:-

1. The complete illustration relates to information contained within it that represents its owner’s normal daily circumstances. It also illustrates the diverse range of operational tendencies and influences that might apply with any given owner who makes a decision to do something in their lives.

2. I have shown how the moving three pointed star representing the human brain operates with respect to the wider NN process system. This is in relation to the axle of the stars that I refer to as being informationally representative of the human brain. I have briefly cited the three primary tendencies and influences of this brain as they are represented with the rest of the system by means of the star.

3. I have shown how the symbolic axle brain and its attached stars moves backwards and forwards as its owner feels the need to do something in their daily lives. This is in respect to the four informational zones as discussed in section A as well as the associated brain axis. This combined arrangement, including the three influences and tendencies of each arm of the star (Reptilian, Limbic and Neocortex) is also representative of the complete mind, brain and decision making process nexus of the illustration.

4. Allied comments:-

It is my belief that the Logical, Analytical and Fact Based Quantitative and the Organised Sequential Planned Detailed zones of the NN process system are the explicit [rational] influences, tendencies and effects of the system. I include the Neocortex and Limbic system sections in this as well. I consider that the remainder of the NN system process as illustrated and describe as being the implicit (ontological) influences and tendencies of the system. These are influences and tendencies that cannot be scientifically measured but they can be informationally demonstrated. This includes what I consider to be the primary influence and tendency of the NN process system that is the reptilian influence and tendency.

5. I have decided that it is not appropriate for me to attempt to describe the wider workings of MacLean’s Triune mind/brain model. It is far too detailed to do so within this short discussion document. This video and this presentation may help you to better understand MacLean’s theory.

*I have not explained in detail all operating functions of the system, nor their wider operating potential.

The information herein can also be linked to this Infinite Potential post.

Reality as I believe it to be

I wrote the following article in 2014. Ontological ideas were plucked from it by an internationally respected environmentalist for a slide show presentation to an international environment conference in Brussels in the same year


“I believe that every aspect of reality, including nature and our role within it, are simply experiences and groups of experiences that mean something. This includes whether we understand what is going on around us or not. I believe that collective intelligence and collective awareness are different experiences. I also believe that we have allowed these two different types of experiences to evolve in a manner that they are not mutually complimentary to each other. I feel that within this process we have failed to take notice of the well organised hierarchy structures that ants, bees, bats and similar have effectively built their lives around. We have ignored the over arching rules of nature.

It is my opinion that we have encouraged our cultures to become ones that are driven almost solely by cultural intelligence as distinct from them being a working blend of both cultural awareness (an experience unto itself) and cultural intelligence (another experience unto itself).

It seems to me that this wide spread repression of collective awareness has led to individual awareness becoming similarly repressed.

I feel that the problem with the complex arrangements that we have allowed to evolve around ourselves within culture is that we have inadvertently created too many intersections of communication relating to both our individual and collective environment. All these communication junctions are experiences from which we make decisions of one form or another which in turn become another cog in the wider realm of competing collective intelligence. I believe it is because of this process human beings have effectively become confused and perplexed, perplexed on multiple levels according to individual interpretation of what is most likely to be good or bad in life. This means that the successful integration of ideas emanating from both the experiences of collective intelligence and collective awareness becomes problematic, and as such, so does the nature of the experiences that we are having, or expecting to have at any given time.

It follows from these words that individuals are compelled to decide between similarly valued alternatives or mutually exclusive alternatives. I believe that the integration of both collective intelligence as well as collective awareness is critical in terms of how we see and relate to each other and this includes the environment.

I believe that our ineffective melding of cultural intelligence and collective awareness should be replaced by a mutually complimentary model of science* that seeks to connect to the wider momentum of nature with as few explanations along the way that is possible. I believe that we should be relating back to the role of individual and collective thoughts (experiences). Nature is an experience. The universe is an experience. Reality is an experience. We are an experience that is derivative of the experience of reality.”

If the words in this presentation seem to you to have a degree of validity I introduce you to this David Bohm documentary trailer to the full Infinite Potential video. In doing this try to understand the philosophical commentary thereto rather than the physics debate therein. Some of the science is complicated and not designed to be fully understood by lay persons, including me. The information herein can also be linked to this Infinite Potential post.