Egg matters from an observer’s point of view

Different ways of thinking about ourselves and the inner selves of others

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The egg diagram is an illustrative metaphor relating to how we may better understand the informational relationship we have with ourselves and each other. This includes our relationship with all “things” and events, influences, and effects occurring outside our symbolic egg shell. This includes unknowable influences and effects from the wider universe that scientists are yet to discover.

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By employing this type of symbolism I have shown how different observers [people] may observe us in relation to our symbolic shell, white and yolk in the diagram. For example: Observer number four observes the egg as being like a cold lifeless [mechanical] entity only. This observer makes assumptions or arbitrary guesses as to the workings of the complete system and processes of the observed person within such as shell.

However, in contrast to this example, observer number one only observes the highest and most favourable qualities relating to the person being observed, as they observe the implicit nature of the egg yolk. He/she observes beyond the shell to the inner components of the egg that are its white and yolk. Observer number four does not do this.

Observer number two would only observe the rational and logical things about a person [their explicit selves] as being significant and of interest, and takes no notice of their implicit yolk.

Observer number three observes all things with respect to the egg [the person]. This observer sees the outside “skin” of the shell, the shell structure itself, the under layer of the shell [like a film surface] and the white and yolk of the egg simultaneously. In other words observer number three observes the complete person in every respect.

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