Why I urge you to love a dachshund

I have both owned, and occasionally bred dachshunds since the late 1960s. In those early times, Dachies were a popular breed of dog in Australia, but over time, public interest in the breed has declined sharply. Dachies are said to have weak spines and thus are highly susceptible to spinal damage. During the many years I have been associated with dachshunds I have never owned a dog that has had back problems, except for my bitch Bridget who fell over a steep embankment onto her back and injured herself. This injury was quickly repaired with two sessions of acupuncture.

I am suggesting that over the years the dachshund became a much maligned breed, and I feel that this is a great pity. Dachshunds are very outgoing and, if appropriately bred and trained, are fearless hounds. For example, Dachies are quite prepared to follow rabbits, snakes and other vermin down burrows with total disregard for their own safety. The characteristic can be traced back more than three hundred years.

Dachshunds are intelligent and clean dogs, and they normally get along well with children and older people. They can also be very stubborn dogs when they put their minds to it. It now seems that a resurgence of the popularity of the dachshund breed is now occurring in Australia. I recently read that dachshunds are now the second most sought after breed of dogs in Australia [after French bulldogs].

I hope that you enjoy the range of Dachie material that I have provided for you to enjoy that follows.

I introduce you to my miniature dachshund Max. Max was born in Wagga Wagga in 2014. The following three photographs were taken when Max was nearly three years of age. He is now nine

The following three photographs are of Max’s son Nicco and others. These others range over different times, including up to December 2022

Max out for his walk

Tickle my tummy please

Max in his backyard. His boss needs to mow the grass

Max’s son Nicco in late 2021. Nicco was born in November 2020. His mother’s name is Velvet

Nicco with my son Chris 2021

Max and Nicco with Ray at Ray and Chris’s hobby farm 2021 [farm]

Nicco being privileged with a treat by Father Christmas 2022

Merry Christmas from Max and Nicco 2022 at the farm

Nicco tired out at the farm

Nicco, Max and friend resting at the farm

Max and Nicco following a party at the farm 2021

Dachshund videos:

Hilarious video of a dachshund on holiday

Five week old miniature Dachies

Dachies having a pool party

Dachies love their lion friend

1,000 Dachshunds Gathered For A Mass Walk In London

Why do people love dachshunds?

Speedy sausage dogs take to the track

This boy loves playing with lit roman candles

Two Dachshunds teach a snake a thing or two

Dachshund website:

A detailed description of the dachshund breed

Two special pictures I chose to make your day:

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