This website has been hacked again!

It has since been professionally repaired and protected by an appropriate firewall.

In case there is a further incident of this type and as a precautionary measure I suggest that you  implement suitable back up arrangements. I do not consider that a further attack is likely.

Since mid December 2019 my website has been periodically hacked. On two occasions I have shared my concerns with my readers about this problem . These concerns were in my blogs dated December 18th last year and January 6th this year respectively. This is despite me having Sucuri overseeing my site since those early days.

I do not blame Sucuri for this as the attacks have not only been regular but as I have been informed by Sucuri sophisticated as well.

Unfortunately I recently learned that the most recent attack two weeks ago has caused great distress to a few of my regular readers. You might be one of them.

If this is the case please be assured this has caused me a considerable degree of grief and anxiety on your behalf.

For this I am most sorry and apologise profusely!

In response to these series of worrying attacks I have upgraded my security arrangements with Sucuri. In your interests (and my own)  I am now paying a significant annual sum to Sucuri for additional website protection. This includes Sucuri installing a more sophisticated firewall to help protect the site.

However, not withstanding these improved security arrangements if you feel that you would care to continue to read my posts I strongly suggest that you install suitable back up arrangements without delay!

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