Oops! I’m sorry. You may have noted that some links in the blogs of my website used to only open intermittently. This matter has now been addressed.

Things have changed with my website. Until recently my problems related to some blogs not opening [you got the oops message]. Without me knowing I had intermittent problems with random links not opening within blogs as well. This is when you seek to open a link within a given blog you get the same oops message. Some blogs have been more corrupted than others. This matter has now been rectified and successfully tested [obviously blogs that I have no control over are not included]. It seems to me that this problem has emanated from the same source as my earlier complete blog blockage interference. It is possible that these same sorts of problems may continue to occur, but I don’t know this. I apologise for this inconvenience! Also if you have problems accessing particular blogs by means of their title I suggest that you try other search engines.

Note: 27th December 2020. Today I notice that these problems have returned. It will take me quite awhile to progressively duplicate and replace the large numbers of blogs involved. In the meantime I re suggest that you explore my work using alternative search engines. I have tested three alternatives today and they all worked for me OK. This includes conducting word searches with individual blogs as well. Once again I am most sorry about this!

You will note that I have moved previous versions of blocked blogs into private. This is so that you may better understand what has been happening in my website of late. I believe that the multiple adverse incidents relating to my website over recent times are not co-incidental.

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