The duplicity of Ford and General Motors in their dealings with the German Nazis during World War Two

Not many people would know today that both the Ford Motor Company and General Motors in the United States were profiting from their relationship with Nazi Germany before and during World War Two. The profits both Ford and General Motors made in their association with the German Nazis were expatriated to American shareholders before and during the war.

I have created this blog because I feel that it is likely that a similar scenario might exist between major international corporations and the West’s stated enemies today as well.

Whilst it is already well known today that such trading relationships already exist it is probably also true to say that such corporations might be secretly dealing with the governments of these nation states as well. This is what was happening between the Ford Motor Company, General Motors and the German Nazi Regime before and during World War Two.

These words imply that American shareholders of both Ford and General Motors were profiting from the Allied war casualties that were inflicted by the Germans and their allies during World War Two.

Below is a quote from a book titled: Trading with the Enemy – The Nazi – American Money Plot 1933-1949, written by Charles Higham. This quotation supports my opening statement above. If you are interested in this topic you will find a pdf file below that is an extension of this quotation. You will notice the significant attention that the author has given in order to validate the contents of his book.


Carl Krauch testified in an interrogation in 1946:

“I myself knew Henry Ford and admired him. I went to see Goring personally about that. I told Goring that I myself knew his son Edsel, too, and I told Goring that if we took the Ford independence away from them in Germany, it would aggrieve friendly relations with American industry in the future. I counted on a lot of success for the adaptation of American methods in Germany’s industries, but that could be done only in friendly cooperation. Goring listened to me and then he said: “I agree. I shall see to it that the German Ford Company will not be incorporated in the Hermann Goring Company.” So I participated regularly in the supervisory board meetings to inform myself about the business processes of Henry Ford and, if possible, to take a stand for the Henry Ford Works after the war had begun. Thus, we succeeded in keeping the Ford Works working and operating independently of our government’s seizure.“”

I italicized the above.

The Nazi Car Connection

Source of book

If the contents of this blog interest you, I feel that it is probable that you will find a book entitled “Wall Street and the Rise Of Hitler” by Antony C. Sutton of significant interest.

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