Ideas about what may be the science of thoughts

I wrote the composition  below in 2015. At the time a retired physicist colleague helped me to use more appropriate physics terminology in order to assist me to render my effort to being more meaningful and accurate. I apologise to my readers that the article is so physics science laden.


“…We all know that we act in accordance with our thoughts, and since our muscles are controlled by electrical impulses traveling along nerve fibers, we can surmise that thoughts must either consist of electrical impulses, or alternatively have a capacity to trigger such impulses. In terms of my conceptual science argument, I suggest that it is the latter that is the case. If thoughts consist of quantum fields, these fields can cause quantum forces that could influence electrons in nerve fibers to move.

I suggest that it is the merging of individual thought fields with the wider (all of the universal environment) cosmic electron field that is the common link between our own thought construction processes which in turn is processed by the mind, brain and dual consciousness processes [I believe that we have an implicit (metaphysical) and explicit (measurably materialistic) consciousness. I believe that a thought (or thoughts) creates a ripple/s in this electron field which in turn means that a thought/s become a permanent part of the continuum of this infinite field i.e. a permanent memory of every thought ever created in our lives…”

Note 20/12/19.

Since writing this document I am now of the opinion that this permanency of our whole of life thought construction processes extends into the ‘arena’ of the wider cosmos too and then become part of what the eastern tradition of religious-philosophy refers to as the akashic records. This is consistent with Bohm’s physics theory.

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