Investigation of a Complex Space-Time Metric to Describe Psychic Phenomena

This 2001 presentation relates to the author’s hypothesis in relationship to the speed of thought. The author’s seem to agree with my concept physics line of thinking that the speed of thought is without time and you can make it any speed you choose. You will also note that they suggest that our personal awareness is linked to non-local hyperspace dimensional space time which is also close to my position in this area. I see that the article has come under considerable criticism from within the science community over the years.

Extract from the abstract

” For the past 25years, the authors of this paper—together with researchers in laboratories around the world have carried out experiments in remote viewing. The evidence for this mode of perception, or direct knowing of distant events and objects, has convinced us of the validity of these claims. It has been widely observed that the accuracy and reliability of this sensory awareness do not diminish with either electromagnetic shielding, or with increases in temporal-or spatial separation between the percipient and the target to be described. Modern physics describes such a time and space independent connection between percipient and target as non-local. In this paper we present a geometrical model of space-time, which has already been extensively studied in the technical literature of mathematics and physics…”

Extract from the conclusion


” …It appears then that there is a human perceptual modality in which distant space-time events can be accessed. The remote perception phenomena may imply, in a certain sense, that space and time are not primary physical con-struts. In the words of Albert Einstein, 1941, ” time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live.” In a similar vain, in 1923A. S. Eddington said, ” time is a mental construct of our private consciousness… physicists construct the concept of a world wide time from a string of subjective instances” (qtd. in Batten, 1995).The fundamental nature of non locality is expressed in the universe throughout physics, as well as psi phenomena, and in the universality of consciousness.

We have developed and presented a theoretical model, the complex Minkowski space, which expresses the non-local aspect of our observed-reality. Not only does this model describe the data for psi, but it is also reason-ably consistent with the main body of modern physics, as we describe in previous sections. As the data for psi become stronger and more coherent, we have the opportunity to construct physical models which can increasingly well describe these observations. The psi data base*, and the fundamental properties of non-locality in physics, lead us inexorably to the conclusion that the speed of thought is transcendent of any finite velocity. Because precognition occurs with the event experienced prior to its apparent cause, the speed of thought appears to be instantaneous, or any other velocity one chooses. The speed of thought is therefore undefined in meters per second. Since consciousness can access the complex eight space as though it is contiguous, space-time distances are non-existent for mind-to-mind, or mind-to-target awareness—separation of consciousness is an illusion.

The compelling data for precognition make it appear that the future is unalterably determined. This fatalist point of view maintains that our awareness moves inexorably along the time line at a rate of one second per second. But, this seeming limitation of our free will is only a four-space perception. We believe that the higher dimensional space described here gives additional degrees of freedom, which are available to our awareness, allowing us to have greater access to possible futures. We recognise that every ontology is perishable and that one day it may be found that complex Minkowski space is not the best model for psi. However, we are confident that two factors will remain: namely that these phenomena are not a result of an energetic transmission, but rather they are an interaction of our awareness with a non local hyper-dimensional space-time in which we live”.

(I italicised and emboldened)

*supposed parapsychological or psychic faculties or phenomena


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