Special notice

From today onwards I will be progressively introducing a range of works that I have composed. This is up to around a decade ago. Most of them are science related. You will find some items that I have never introduced to this website before. As far as I know none are duplicated. They were originally posted on a website that I have since closed down. I have made no serious attempt to review the subjects that I am talking about at this time.

It is inevitable that the contents of some documents are different to what I believe and write about today. It is also likely that not all hyperlinks will be operational. My purpose in adding these new posts is not only for the benefit of my grandchildren but also to assist my readers to better understand from what platform many of my written efforts today are based. It is also possible that you might find information contained could help widen your horizons about everyday life and “reality”..In other words some of the mysteries of our existence such as consciousness.

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