She received a young man’s heart and was never the same again

An amazing story about a woman who was a heart transplant recipient and received a young man’s heart. She even started walking like a man afterwards

I quote from a Daily Mail online newspaper article dated 2008. I acknowledge that the article is nearly twelve years old, however because the article is straightforward to read I feel that it deserves to become a blog in its own right.


“So can elements of a person’s character – or even their soul – be transplanted along with a heart?  One woman who believes this to be the case is CLAIRE SYLVIA, a divorced mother of one. She was 47 and dying from a disease called primary pulmonary hypertension when, in 1988, she had a pioneering heart-lung transplant in America. She was given the organs of an 18-year-old boy who had been killed in a motorcycle accident near his home in Maine. Claire, a former professional dancer, then made an astonishing discovery: she seemed to be acquiring the characteristics, and cravings, of the donor.”

Read more:—started-craving-beer-Kentucky-Fried-Chicken-My-daughter-said-I-walked-like-man.html#ixzz4hKwu4sUD

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