Welcome and hello world!

Welcome and hello world!

Part one

General discussion

Welcome to my newly amended website. This has become the means to talk to you about all manners of things relating to my views about life, our times, philosophy and what I see as being the wider cosmological reality around us.

You will also find human interest stories tucked away in my website. Some of these stories are seriously profound. Some are light hearted. I present you with ideas and theories about reality science. These include science and theories relating to mental health diagnosis and associated therapy. You will also notice that I express myself freely and openly throughout my website. I acknowledge the potential associated risks in doing this. This is why I feel that my readers may find that my website is unique. I am widely seen by my family and friends as being a deep thinker.

I have dedicated this site and its contents to my late father Hartley.

I see my website as being a posterity presentation on behalf of my grand children in their adult years.

Part two

A bit more about me and my ideas

I have lived a full interesting and often adventurous life. Many years ago a work colleague said to me that I did things in life that most people would only ever dare to think about. I have a strong sense of social and cultural justice. I have unusual beliefs about life as well as what I see as its meaning and purpose. Some people say that I am very intuitive and creative. Some say that I am noetic.

In all of my writings I have attempted to post unusual thought-provoking materials that you may never have thought or known about before. My favourite philosophical scientists is David Bohm. You will also discover two light entertainment blogs. These two blogs contain videos and stories that I feel you will provide you many hours of interesting entertainment.

With respect to blogs relating to science, you will find some of the information therein as being philosophically orientated and abstract. Other science related blogs are much more formal and complex than this. This means that unless you have an interest in philosophy and science you will inevitably find some of the information therein as being difficult to follow and understand.

You will notice that for a matter of convenience that I have not always included references. I know that this is not professional writing and I apologise to my readers accordingly!

Many thanks to all of my readers that have been taking an interest in my earlier writing efforts and might have attended my periodical public lectures over the years.

I am well into the second half of my life.

I hope that you enjoy the contents of my website retirement hobby.

John Raymond


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